Coaches vs. Coach’s

Coaches vs. Coach’s Mind

Hopefully you noticed that the name of this website is ‘Coaches’ mind and not ‘Coach’s’ mind.  There is a reason for this.  First, we have to look at what the word ‘coaches’ means.

‘Coaches’ is the plural form of coach (duh!).  So an easy way to put it is that is means more than one coach.  So does that mean this site/blog will be based on a collective group of coaches to provide information and posts?  Not exactly.  I chose the plural form because any of us who ‘coach’ are actually ‘coaches’.  I hope I did not lose you there.

While we may coach a specific sport (like volleyball), we also have to coach numerous other things to have a successful program.  You must coach sports psychology, time management, manners, ethics, safety, and so on.  So each one of us is a more than a simple ‘coach’.  We are all, individually, ‘coaches’.

I did not want to limit this site to just one more sport, although I am sure it will be heavy on volleyball.  I wanted it to be about the whole package.  Probably the hardest and most asked question I get is “how do you make your program/team constantly successful”.  The easy verbal answer is that I became a group of coaches.  The hard answer is how they all work together.  Before you ask, NO…I do not have a special voice in my head for each coach.

Anyway.  I hope that clears up the question of why vs The

As one commenter posted: “I doubt you intended to convey that this is a site dedicated to the one mind of multiple coaches”.  Actually, yes.  That is exactly what I was going for.

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