Whatchu Got In That Bag?

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One of the more common (strangely enough) questions I get asked is: “What do you carry in your backpack?”  I have to admit that I do have a bag addiction.  I have about 20 bags laying around.  I also have the weird issue of not “crossing” my bags.  I pretty much have a bag for each type of coaching I do.  There are a lot of similar things in them, but they vary.  My beach coaching bag has more things for the elements and such, whereas my college back as more tech in it for travel.  Since I am about to start the college season, I decided I will map out my typical college practice / game travel.


The bag of choice for me currently is a Mizuno Super Field Pack ($65.00)

And now for the items inside:

  1. This is my stat notebook.  It is actually filled with graph-paper, as opposed to lined paper.  I use it for trendline stating (see this post).
  2. This is my main notebook.  There is normal paper and usually as all my forms and stuff given to me.  Nothing special at all.
  3. Macbook Air with a protective shell.  I love the fact that is is light weight and pretty much instant on (13″ with 256 GB drive).
  4. Sony Bluetooth Headphones.  Theses are great.  I used to be a “Beats” guy, but this is better quality. (MDR10RBT).
  5. iPad Next Generation. 64 GB Wi-Fi with Verizon Wireless.  Lets face it, not every school gives you wi-fi access.
  6. Pens.  I have a ton of pens, pencils, sharpies, highlighters.  I hate looking for writing utensils.
  7. Stop watch.  Nothing too fancy.  I don’t need the auto-clock and all that stuff.
  8. Mikasa whistle.  I also have a Spadling electronic whistle that I love, but my daughter currently has it hidden.
  9. Deck of playing cards.  This particular set is a fathers day gift with my kids pictures on it, from Shutterfly.
  10. Oakley Sunglasses (my other addiction) with hard case.  I can’t say enough about having a hard case.
  11. Tape.  Have to have some athletic tape.
  12. This is my personal products stuff (Advil, gum, chapstick).
  13. Chargers.  One lesson I can pass on.  Get the larger Apple chargers.  It will charge the iPhones and pads faster and cost the same.
  14. GoPro Camera.  There will be more about this on the case item list.  This is show with the clamp adapter.
  15. Portable chargers.  I have three.  The two big ones are for the camera(s) and the iPad.  The smaller one is for my phone.
  16. Cords, cords, and more cords.  Mini-USB, USB, Lightning, Apple, etc.
  17. LED Flashlight.  It is bright, small and light.
  18. Kodak PlaySport camera. This is a durable camcorder and a back up for my GoPro.  I use this for non-game/practice indivudual video.
  19. Missing in the picture.  It is all the GoPro parts and adapters in #20.
  20. This is my favorite part.  There are two of these “bags”.  I bought portable DVD player bags that have two zip pockets on each side of the bag.  They were $5.00 at target.  In one of them, I pack all the GoPro stuff (camera, hinges, batters, casings, etc).  The other case I put all the chargers, adapters, cables, etc in them.

I can pack all of this easily in my backpack and it weights 25.3 pounds.  It is not too bulky and fits easily in the bus seats, shelves, or even overhead on the plane. So there you have it.  That is what I live out of on a daily basis during the season.






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